They reached their potential with the help of a mentor. Now it's our turn.

We facilitate mentorship programs.

Mentor Matchmaker builds and accelerates mentorship programs within organizations. For companies, these programs can increase retention rates of high-potential employees. For associations, we work with members to achieve their goals in entrepreneurship, software and healthcare. The key to our successful mentorship programs is our proven goal-based system and self-matching mechanism.

Virtual Mentorship App

Automate Video Mentorship

The MM Virtual Mentorship App makes mentorship easy, enabling mentors and mentees to meet via Zoom video chat. The MM App also lets mentorship program managers automate onboarding, matching, scheduling, and program evaluation. Learn more here.

Consulting Services

Program Setup and Management

We build and execute mentor programs for organizations and associations. Our services include curriculum development, technology and account management services. Learn more here.

Our Foundation

We help survivors of sex trafficking find a career mentor and become successful and confident women in business.

The Mentor Matchmaker Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to the fight against sex trafficking. We partner with re-integration and integration programs to help survivors retain workforce development skills and get one step closer to their dream careers. We provide mentor matching services and host events like the in the video below.