Wrap Up Report: "Brunch & Build" is a huge success!!

October 10, 2016

Our July mixer was held in Koreatown, Los Angeles. The brunch was catered by one of our very own mentees and was delicious! Attendees aged from 18 to 76. It was a powerful and moving event where dozens of women came together to equip and empower through generations. The energy in the room was tangible.


Our first speaker was Vijayalakshmi, a professional dancer from India. Vijaya asked thought provoking questions like, "What do we understand about beauty? Is it only physical?"

Her response: “Advertisements emphasize only the physical beauty of a woman and that can be frustrating. In today’s world women are not able to embrace aging comfortably. Inner grace is beauty. For external grace to show the dancer has to feel an inner grace. We have grace in how we live our lives.

Is grace only about being soft and sweet? No…it's also about boundaries and being aware of your strength. Not necessarily aggressiveness, but grace also includes other emotions. Being able to say no without raising your voice or picking up a gun is grace.”

Karen Hudson shared with us some important information about business attire.

“Choose what to wear so you can connect with others through out your day. When you’re interviewing look like the company you want to work for. Ask them what the company wears. Look like who you want to connect with.

Every time we dress we create a character. Ask yourself - Where are you going today? Who am I going to meet? What is my goal today? Do I want to impress?

Never slump. Rise from the moment you step out of the car. Be a unique individual - but fit in. Be the beautiful person that you are and be confident of yourself. Be the character all day long that you want to be and achieve the goals that you want. “

Elena Shahnaian spoke about her organization Two Wings.

“Two Wings is the key to opening unapproachable doors for our clients. We all carry something with us; we are all women of passion with a dream and desire. Every bird has two wings - hope and courage. Our clients bring the courage - we provide the hope.

Two Wings helps women learn how to leave our trauma behind when we join the workforce. Everyone has trauma, not just survivors. At Two Wings we don't create cookie cutter opportunities but rather address the individual's dream. People thrive when we are doing what we are passionate about.”

Two Wings is excited about their partnership with Mentor Matchmaker. The 300,000 children trafficked each year in the U.S. become adults. It’s important to have career programs like Two Wings and Mentor Matchmaker to help provide necessary resources to those entering the workforce.


The breakout sessions covered the topics of assertiveness and pricing. Conversations were so filled with passion that some discussions continued for hours. Attendees were connected and fired up to see change in their work place, and to help one another along the path to career success!

This event was a huge success! Connections were made, people were inspired, and there was a sense of understanding that none of us are alone in our experiences and in our struggles.


According to post-event surveys 75% of attendees said they would like to attend a future event, and 38% said they would be interested in becoming a mentor with the Mentor Matchmaker program.

At our next event we would like to improve the way content is presented. We will limit the Q&A portion of the event, institute a core focus, and provide more opportunities for one on one time between attendees.

Our summer brunch was definitely a great success with higher than expected attendance, and inspirational content from all of the speakers.

We hope to see you at the next Mentor Matchmaker mixer!

- Written by Jessika Fuhrmaneck