About the nonprofit

The Mentor Matchmaker Foundation (MMF) helps young women who are survivors of sex trafficking acquire the skills they need to succeed in employment or entrepreneurial ventures. MMF has four functions, all provided through mentorships with successful professionals: 1) helping participants acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for success at work; 2) directly improving participants’ work performance and productivity; 3) helping participants establish viable self-employment ventures; and 4) helping participants get jobs in the private, public or nonprofit sectors.

How Our Program Works

The program includes training from mentors in a variety of fields to produce better-prepared workers. We match participants with a mentor who has experience in the participant's “dream career.” Each match follows a curriculum to maintain effective communication and meet the Mentee’s demand for new skills. We follow up with account management for four months to ensure program completion.

Our participants have a difficult time receiving general professional opportunities and lack the skills to pursue their dream career. They lack self-confidence, professional relationships and knowledge. Our mentors are looking for a safe and efficient way to support this cause in a capacity requiring minimal time. Our partner organizations are looking for resources to provide professional mentoring services.

Case Study

Mentor program for survivors of sex­ trafficking. A collaboration with Two Wings.

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Brunch and Build Recap

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Wrap Up Report

"Brunch & Build" is a huge success!!

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In order to work with young women who are survivors of sex trafficking, MMF partners with nonprofits that specifically serve this population. Our key partnership at present is with Two Wings in Los Angeles and the Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition in San Diego. We provided the program curriculum, recruited the mentors and account managed all participants. Our staff and mentors also help participants receive professional opportunities (like jobs, internships or gigs) that are aligned with their dream career. The mentors also generate awareness for the fight against sex trafficking when they spread the word about their involvement. We will continue our partnership with Two Wings and build new ones.


We started providing services to survivors of sex trafficking in September 2015. Participants in our program have started their own companies and received job and internship offers. We hired two participants from the program to deliver services aligned with their dream job at $250+ each. We are currently providing service packages to eleven survivors.

We created a custom Guidebook outlining the program curriculum, a system on how to exchange value in the relationship and tactics to extract maximum value from the relationship. We also created meeting packets that encourage deep meaningful conversations and keep participants on track towards their goals. We have a pool of 200 mentors ready for service. We have also provided 40 services packages to other populations.

Radio interview with our CEO and one of our program participants


The Mentor Matchmaker Foundation is fully verified for tax deduction under IRC Section 501(c)3, 170, 2055, 2106 and 2522. It is a public charity and an unincorporated nonprofit associated with Mentor Matchmaker LLC (EIN: 81-2779021). Mentor Matchmaker LLC provides consulting services for organizations and licenses its curriculum.

Brian Frankel is the founder and President of the Mentor Matchmaker Foundation and Mentor Matchmaker, LLC. We partner with the nonprofit organizations BSCC and Two Wings who work with clients from CAST and Treasures. We are also a client of CSUN’s Valley Nonprofit Resources.

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