Automate Video Mentorship To Increase Impact and Retention

Why Organizations Use Our Virtual Mentorship App

The MM Virtual Mentorship App makes mentorship easy in a COVID19 world, enabling mentors and mentees to meet via video chat. The MM App also lets mentorship program managers automate onboarding, matching, scheduling, and program evaluation. The App was created based on input from a research study and experiences of Mentor Matchmaker’s and the nonprofit Mentor Matchmaker Foundation’s own programming. Key features include:

  1. Profiles: Mentees list the skills, industry and challenge with which they want help. Mentors list the skills and background they can offer, along with scheduling preferences.

  2. Onboarding: Participants receive a standard guidebook, training video, and discussion guide to increase engagement – all online.

  3. Matching: Mentees access a directory of mentors to self-request a meeting. They can filter the list of mentors according to skills, industry, and location.

  4. Scheduling: Participants suggest meeting times and receive email and SMS notifications and calendar invites with video chat directions.

  5. Meetings: Participants have one-to-one HD Zoom video conferences on their preferred device with screen shareability.

  6. Program Evaluation: Mentees and mentors fill out a survey after each meeting, which becomes part of an evaluation database.

  7. Program Management: Program managers can meet with participants one-to-one before and after mentor meetings.

  8. Administrative Support: Program managers get a dashboard to monitor engagement and results.

  9. Virtual Office Hours: Program managers get two hours monthly of technology support from MM.

Additional App Options

Customization: MM can create unique participant profile fields, notifications and directory filters. MM also can create bespoke guidebooks, training videos, discussion guides, participant contracts, and post-meeting survey questions.

Marketing: MM can design and deploy campaigns to recruit, onboard, and engage participants, including email blasts, social media, articles, videos, webinars, advertising, public relations, strategic partnerships, and gamification.

Administrative Support: MM can write a detailed wrap-up report with specific outcomes for a participant cohort and a press release to share results. Additional virtual office hours are also available.